Professional development

We offer:

  • reflective learning and growth
  • multiple points of view
  • strengths-based feedback

and a setting to:

  • listen and respect other clinicians
  • acknowledge clinical experience and expertise
  • work toward solutions.


Informal sharing of skills and expertise to individuals and groups working in government, non-government, health, education and more.

We offer:

  • mentoring
  • case-based learning and psychoeducation
  • systemic understanding and support through ‘stuckness’.


Planned, held discussion sessions for individuals and people who work together to reflect on their practice and grow as people and professionals. Supervision involves a contract and evaluation process.

We offer:

  • a framework that supports self-understanding, highlights strengths, and identifies broad influences on families
  • help to understand clinical dilemmas
  • a standardised approach
  • developmental paediatric, social work, and allied health supervision.


Sharing knowledge and experience across fields. Learning through interaction and collaboration, in a peer group setting.

We offer:

  • webinars on development, behaviour, mental health, family functioning and wellbeing, with select guests
  • networking with like-minded peers.

    If you are a collaborative and reflective clinician and interested in profesisonal development opportunities please email

    Developmental Paediatrics and Family Therapies

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