Assessment and Intervention

Arbre Assessment


The Arbre Integrated Assessment Package includes 3 direct sessions and 2 multidisciplinary team case conferences about your child (including developmental paediatrician, psychology, occupational therapy, speech therapy and mental health social worker) and a diagnostic summary letter. The Arbre process will use a strength-based family approach, involving family members and considering the family context.

We believe in honesty and being timely.  We will tell you as soon as we know the best way to understand what is happening for your child and the best approach to care. Throughout the assessment you will meet with a developmental paediatrician and allied health team members. At each stage the team will discuss your child together to define a common diagnostic understanding and share our recommended approach. Our goal is to understand the challenges quickly so that positive changes can happen.  Investing early in the understanding stage of a child’s development will often mean less difficult experiences for your child and you as a family and help real change to occur.


Please be aware that Arbre have limited availability of medical only assessments and this may result in a longer wait time and require further assessment from the Arbre allied health team.

Current we offer allied health only assessment with our Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Psychologist (under 8 years) and Mental Health Social Worker. Allied health assessment from our Arbre Allied Health team can answer a specific question about your child’s development, such as:  

  • Language, pragmatics (social use of language)
  • Phonology (sounding out words)
  • Autism Diagnostic Observation Scale (ADOS)
  • Routines and self care, play, sensory skills
  • Cognition and memory
  • Motor function
  • Anxiety, family, and mental health

Please be aware that we work as a team and if further assessment is required from the Arbre team, they are able to directly refer to the Developmental Paediatrician or another team member if this is indicated.


If you have questions about the development of your child’s language, communication or other skills, you may have considered seeking developmental assessment. Your child’s early education setting could be the ideal place for a developmental clinician to observe their skills in a relaxed, natural and pressure free environment.

Our Screening Assessment Package:

  1. Parent and Educator feedback: 30-minute discussion with you and your child’s educator for feedback from the observation, and a discussion of recommendations across home and the childcare environment.
  2. Observational Assessment: 45-minute observation and discussion with your child’s educator to understand the development of their language, communication, play, social-emotional and early learning in context.
  3. Written Summary: a written summary of observations, developmental impressions and recommendations following the observation.

Following a Screening Assessment, we will identify whether an integrated multidisciplinary assessment or a standardised assessment or intervention would be helpful to better understand and support your child’s development.

Arbre Interventions

At Arbre all of our allied health are skilled child development clinicians bringing with them a wealth of experience and knowledge. Deciding on which allied health will suit best will depend on what it is you are seeking help with it or in some cases it may be that multiple clinicians could help you. If you are unsure give us a call to discuss.


Families are complex. Understanding each person and how they impact each other is important in managing common problems that happen in families including conflict, challenging behaviour, developmental difficulties, anxiety and more. 

Family therapy is a dynamic, family-based intervention that allows all family members a voice no matter how small or quiet and focusses on individual and family strengths to create change. 


Occupational Therapy focuses on supporting children to participate in the things they want and need to do every day.   Our intervention is family and solution focused, working together we hope to increase your child’s confidence, skills and independence.    Occupational therapy can help you understand and manage your child’s self regulation, sensory differences and challenges in every day routines.  We may also work with you to develop connections through play with your child.  For older children we want them to flourish as a learner by supporting their attention, planning and fine motor skills. Medicare and private health rebates may be available depending on your personal situation.  At this point in time we are unable to take on NDIS clients for Occupational Therapy. 


Our Accredited Mental Health Social Workers focus on young people and their family’s mental health and well-being through the provision of empathic, solution focused therapies. Mental Health Social work takes a systemic (relational) frame to viewing challenges and focuses on understanding the patterned ways that individuals learn to cope with times of stress and the impact this has on others. Interventions offered include psychoeducation, didactic therapies, cognitive behaviour interventions (CBT) and family therapy.


Our speech pathologists offer support in understanding and building your child’s communication skills. We will work with you to help grow your child’s speech, language and communication ability; maximise their participation at home, school and in community; and to problem solve together how we can minimise any barriers or impacts that communication difficulties may have.


Our Arbre Neuropsychologist is currently available as part of our Integrated Assessment team. Neuropsychology offers a unique perspective on the way the brain works and how it influences the way we think, feel and behave. Time limited diagnostic understanding and adaptation sessions are available for families who have been through the integrated assessment process. Medicare rebates will be available.


    Developmental Paediatrics and Family Therapies

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