ARBRE Assessment Services

For all new referrals please phone 37075477 or email and we will be in touch to discuss the process with you and the next steps.


The Arbre Integrated Assessment Package includes 3 direct sessions, 2 multidisciplinary case conferences about your child (including developmental paediatrician, psychology, occupational therapy, speech therapy and mental health social worker) and a diagnostic summary letter. The Arbre process will use a strength-based family approach.

We believe in honesty and being timely.  Our goal is to share a diagnostic understanding as well as the best way to understand what is happeningfor your child and the best approach to future care.

Throughout the assessment you will meet with a developmental paediatrician and allied health team members. At each stage the team will discuss your child together to define a common diagnostic understanding and share our recommended approach. Our goal is to understand the challenges quickly so that positive changes can happen. 

Investing early in the understanding stage of a child’s development will often
mean less difficult experiences for your child and you as a family and help
real change to occur.

Allied Health only assessment with our allied health team is also available.  Please contact for further information. 


Our model is unique and different to a traditional developmental assessment process. To ensure ARBRE integrated assessment is the right assessment model for you, please contact us on 3707 5477 to speak with our friendly ARBRE Admin Team who will talk you through the process and costings.

All Arbre referrals for our integrated Developmental Paediatric and Allied Health Assessment are triaged with a team member to ensure we get the right match of skill in your sessions to best understand your young person. Please be aware that there can be a delay before an appointment is booked.

We are unable to progress your referral until we have received a GP referral addressed to ARBRE Developmental Paediatrics.


Developmental Paediatrics and Family Therapies

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