The Arbre Team

Dr Kerri-Lyn Webb is a developmental paediatrician who specialises in supporting children and young people with developmental and behavioural problems. She believes working with an expert team is the best way to understand and support children and young people. She provides services face-to-face and by telehealth to rural and remote areas. 

Kerri trained at the Mater Children’s Hospital (Brisbane) and the Royal Children’s Hospital Parkville (Melbourne). Since 2001, she has worked as a paediatrician in Brisbane (Royal Children’s Hospital and then Children’s Health Queensland). Kerri has studied public health and evaluation and will study family therapy in 2022. 

From 2015 to 2021, Kerri chaired the Queensland Child and Youth Clinical Network. She worked with systems: service planning and redesign and supporting policies for the health of children and young people. Kerri is a partner and a mother to four “big kids”. Her love for friends and family drove her to co-create Arbre with her friend and colleague, Jordana Rigby.

Jordana Rigby is a family therapist and accredited mental health social worker. Jordana has spent the majority of her career in the field of child development where her passion for understanding individuals in the context of their family grew. Jordana believes child and family development is intertwined and that understanding both is crucial to helping children and families grow.

Jordana has worked across hospital and community settings for over 18 years with many health services including child development, mental health and state-wide services. Jordana completed a Master of Mental Health (Family Therapy) in 2017 which was driven by her desire to work with families and their dynamics to create a unique, nurturing and therapeutic space. Her desire to help families and the strength of her 17-year working relationship with Kerri drove her to co-create Arbre.

Dr Brooke Andrew is a Clinical Neuropsychologist who cares about the well-being of young people and their families. Brooke has a PhD in Clinical Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology and has worked in both hospital and university settings.

She believes that the best outcomes for children result from a shared understanding of the child in their context. It is essential to work with other professionals, schools, families, and young people. Brooke loves the chaos of family life. She is a mum to two young boys, a lively dog, and a few oddly long-lived fish.

Antoinette Fitzgerald is an occupational therapist who is passionate about helping children and families.  With a strong family centered approach Antoinette can help you support your child to feel confident, happy and successful in their everyday roles.    

Antoinette studied occupational therapy at the University of Queensland and also has a Masters degree from the University of Sydney. She has worked in child development for over 20 years in Brisbane in the public health system. Antoinette understands how busy life can be. She has two teenagers, a husband, and two almost human puppies. She knows all children and families are unique and wants to help find solutions to see families flourish.

Keirra Middleton is a speech pathologist who helps children and young people with speech, language, reading and writing. She values warm and fun sessions that are effective and enjoyable. She helps families understand their child’s challenges and works with parents and teachers to achieve results.

Keirra is a busy mum of two. She understands the juggle of family life and worries of parenting when you know your child is struggling.

Dr Jennifer Lancaster is an Educational and Developmental Psychologist with over 20 years’ experience working in various public sector roles in the UK, Queensland Health and Mater Hospital.  In more recent years Jennifer has taken up leadership roles in Health. 

Jennifer’s clinical work has focused on children and families with complex developmental difficulties. In particular, she completed her PhD in family functioning in families with a child with ADHD and as a result, has a particular interest in this area. 

Dr Amanda Heys is a Clinical Psychologist

Developmental Paediatrics and Family Therapies

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